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B. Slotar & Son is a wholesale distributer of bicycles, bicycle parts and bicycle accessories located in Johannesburg South Africa.

We service independent bicycle dealers and distributors across the country as well as exporting to the neighboring states.

Established in 1936 B.SLOTAR & SON continues to maintain its reputation of service and reliability. The company has remained in the same family since formation and boasts the status of being the longest established family held bicycle wholesaler in the country . Over the years we have consistently offered our customers exciting bicycle products while still comprehensively stocking the essential items required by any reputable bicycle dealer.

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Wholesale Bicycles

Every bicycle distributed by B. Slotar is designed with the core values of comfort, style and safety and are manufactured by quality controlled factories. Exciting and vibrant colors with state of the art graphics exemplify our bikes.

We are obsessed with supplying stunning product distributing world class brands.

We specify only quality and trusted components –including those parts "under the hood" to ensure our philosophies of excellence and sensational value.

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  • Bike Accessories
  • Bike Accessories
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Bicycle Components & Accessories

We carefully select and import only superior bicycle components from all over the world .
Our mission is to enable our dealers to sell –on our products with confidence and value, while still retaining excellent margins for themselves.

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E-mail: slotar@global.co.za
TEL: +27 11 334 1106

Proprietor: B.SLOTAR (PTY) LTD